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Solar energy is the most commonly available form of energy. It is free of cost and never gets depleted. It is also one of the most important non-conventional sources of energy because it is non-polluting and helps in reducing the greenhouse effect. Solar panels absorb the energy of the sun to provide heat for heating water and for cooking. Such systems are available in the market and they are being used in factories and homes. Solar energy can also be used to meet our electricity necessities. Solar Photovoltaic cells convert the solar radiation into DC electricity directly. This power can be stored in the battery or direct domestic applications. Solar Photovoltaic cells can be used for many applications including street and domestic lighting, desalination, water pumping and so on. This energy is used for Drying, Cooking, Heating, Cooling, Distillation, Power generation, Cold storage, Refrigeration. These are some of the gadgets and other devices that we can use as a solar device are Solar cooker, concentrating collectors, Flat plate solar cookers, Solar hot water systems, Solar pond, Solar hot air systems, solar stills, Solar Dryers, Solar photovoltaic systems, Solar timber kilns, Power Tower, Solar collectors, Solar pond, Air conditioning, coupled to absorption, Concentrating collectors, Refrigeration systems.

  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Flexible Photovoltaic Technology
  • Solar Heating and Cooling
  • Solar Panel
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