Smart Grids

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An electrical grid that accustomed does completely different operational and energy measures. It consists of smart meters, smart appliances, renewable, and energy economical resources. The necessary perform of good grids are Electronic power acquisition, management of power generation and distribution. In Europe, the smart grids are referred to as European Technology platform. Roll-out of smart grid technology is applied in the re-engineering of the facility service industries. However, their usage principally focuses on the technical aspects. Maximum progressive smart grid technologies are in electrical transmission.

  • Smart Grid Networking
  • Power Electronics System Simulation and Modelling
  • Improved Interface and Decision Technology
  • Dynamic Optimization and Control
  • Smart Appliances and Consumer Devices
  • Information and Smart Meter Reading System
  • Version of Smart and Intelligent Grid
  • Smart Grid Demand Response
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Integrated Communication Technology
  • Intelligent Substation, Distribution and Dispatching
  • Impact of Smart Grids in Pricing

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