Power transmission and distribution

Power transmission and distribution Photo

Power is defined as the energy per unit time. The transfer of energy from where it is generated to the endpoint where its applied for a useful work is known as power transmission. The power transmission is done with the help of overhead lines and electrical grids. It can also be transmitted by wireless modes like electromagnetic fields, radio waves and microwaves. The electric power distribution is the final stage. It collects the electricity from the transmission lines and distribute it to the consumers. Primary distribution carries medium voltage power and supplies to the nearby customers. For residential and commercial customers, the power is distributed with the help of secondary distributors.

  • HVDC and Flexible AC Transmission System
  • Ultra-High Voltage (UHV) Technologies
  • Over-voltage, Lightning Protection and Grounding
  • Advanced Distribution and SCADA Technologies
  • Plasma Physics and the Pulsed Power Technology
  • Insulation Condition Monitoring in Power Systems
  • Electromagnetic Transient in High Voltage Power Systems

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