Power system protection

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The protection of electrical power systems from faults by separating the damaged parts from the rest of the electrical networks. The devices that are used to protect the power systems from faults are called protection devices. Electrical systems may be kept open or enclosed. During their lifetime, they may undergo faults due to several reasons. It is necessary to protect this equipment from those damages and for human safety under abnormal conditions. It is done by electrical protection systems. It is of two kinds: Apparatus protection and System protection. In apparatus protection, the faults can be detected and then protected. In system protection, the proximity of the system during unstable operations are detected and it is restored to stable operating points to prevent the equipment from damages.


  • Electrical energy systems
  • Transmission Line Protection and feeder protection
  • Busbar Protection
  • Generator, motor and transformer protection
  • Wide Area Measurement systems
  • Generation of Relays and circuit breakers
  • Advanced protection systems

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