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The subject which covers the areas related to the supply and use of energy in the society is Energy economics. Energy economics itself is not a separate academic discipline, instead, it is applied sub-discipline of economics. Some of the areas covered under energy economics include Computable general equilibrium, Econometrics, Environmental Economics, Finance, Industrial organization, Input-output model, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Operations research, Resource economics. In economic terms, electricity is a product which is capable of being sold, bought and traded. A power advertise is a framework empowering through offers to purchase, through offers to offer, buys, deals, and here and now exchanges, by and large as monetary or commitment swaps. Rebate dealings in control are regularly settled and cleared by the market executive or an outstanding reason self-sufficient component blamed exclusively for that limit.

  • Impact of New Technologies on the Electricity Market
  • Market Enabling and Enhancing Technologies
  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
  • Energy markets and electricity markets - liberalisation and deregulation
  • Econometric Models Applied to Energy and Carbon Markets
  • Risk analysis and security of supply
  • Market Power and Market Strategies
  • Incentives to Investment in Renewable Energies and Distributed Generation

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