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Power Engineering Conference 2018 is a bunch of programs that gives a typical stage where industry meets the scholarly world to talk about the current issues and happening. The relative novel nature of this meeting is to acquire the headway in the field of use of natural resources. We cheerfully welcome every one of the members intrigued by sharing their insight and research in the field of sustainable power source and ecological sciences. We are honored to invite you all to attend and register for the International Conference on "Power and Energy Engineering", which is going to be held during Sept 3-5, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mission and Objectives of the Conference:

1. Promote international exchange, discussion and innovation, and technologies about the present and future of sustainable energy and development.
2. Promote clean energy and a green lifestyle.
3. Recent and future technological innovations in renewables, Nano-and fusion technologies, Digitisation, power transmission, efficiency, storage, and electronics.
4. Develop international partnerships in economics, science, industry, and technology.
5. Promote the exchange of best practices in sustainable development and clean energy.
6. Upgrades the transition to a green economy and attract the investors for innovative projects.

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